Donald Trump claims windfarm will spoil view from his £750m golf course

TYCOON Donald Trump has declared war on a proposed windfarm, claiming it would "destroy" Scotland's natural heritage. Trump said the giant structures would spoil the view from his £750million golf complex.

But opponents, who say the golf complex at the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire is itself harming the environment, labelled the billionaire American a hypocrite.

The £150million windfarm's turbines would be up to 394ft high and would be in full view of the course. Trump said he would "vehemently oppose" the application when it goes before Marine Scotland next year.

He said: "Every component of our project is based upon sea views. We cannot allow the construction of what is tantamount to 65-storey structures off our coastline.

"These turbines, if ever built, will in one fell swoop destroy Scotland's magnificent natural heritage. They are noisy and unsightly and we will oppose the siting of this vehemently."

But Martin Ford, the Aberdeenshire councillor whose casting vote saw Trump's plans initially rejected, said the tycoon was a "hypocrite". He said: "If Mr Trump is so concerned about the natural beauty of Scotland's coast, he should stop destroying it himself.

"Unlike his own construction project, the proposed turbines will not harm any designated nature conservation site. They will not 'destroy Scotland's magnificent natural heritage' - though Mr Trump has done exactly that at Menie."

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