Trump Developments


Atlantic City New Jersey

A family, a pawn broker and an elderly widow were all threatened with a condemnation law (America’s equivalent of a compulsory purchase order) that would have forced them to sell their properties to the Casino Development Reinvestment Authority who would give it to Donald Trump, in a saga that lasted for five years.

Yorktown New York State

An area called Indian Hill and French Hill of 436 acres that is mainly open but includes woods and wetland was to be developed by Trump as two golf courses, 45 miles north of Manhattan.

SoHo New York

Donald Trump’s condo hotel in the Manhattan area of New York has been shut down at least four times with fifteen building violations during its construction. This has even included the tower’s crane hitting a neighbouring building which the site managers had also failed to report to the authorities. In the most series example one worker died (with three others injured) when the floor beneath him collapsed as cement was poured from a crane.

Rancho Palos Verdes California

Donald Trump is suing a town in California for $100million (five times the town’s annual budget) as he believes his civil rights have been breached because of and including the town did not rename the local highway Trump National Drive and that he was required to carry out environmental and safety studies because of landslides in the area.

Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai - India

In 2007 the Trump organisation had planned to build within three of India’s cities, Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai, but at the moment of writing none of the projects have yet to get of the ground.

Trump Ocean Resort Baja - Mexico

People had bought apartments in Trump Ocean Resort Baja off a plan; making deposits as much as one million dollars, for condos that cost between three hundred thousand and three million dollars.

Fort Lauderdale Florida

A combined condo and hotel development in Fort Lauderdale South Florida is now also facing the realities of the global recession, named Trump International Hotel and Tower.

Trump Tower Dubai

Trump Tower Dubai again a combination of hotel and condo was to be Donald Trump’s first project in the Middle East and perhaps the most of all his buildings to epitomize towering.

New Orleans Louisiana

The New Orleans Trump International Hotel and Tower has been suspended due also to the credit crunch. Developers however are optimistic that building work will restart later in the year. Described by Donald Trump as incredible, it was to be the tallest building in the city costing four hundred million dollars and included retail accommodation.

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