The Wrong Side of a Hole

This film begins with an American billionaire coming out of the scottish sky and ends with the potential victims of his vanity gazing into the sunset, pondering on their fate.

In between, the story of a golf course development and the huge issues that are at stake, not just for the homeowners immediately threatened with eviction, but for everybody concerned about the balance between private capital and public interest.

The wrong side of a hole from jon Pullman on Vimeo.

Molly Forbes Interview

Find out the real story from the words of great grandmother and threatened resident Molly Forbes.

Molly Forbes Interview from Tripping up Trump on Vimeo.

The Trump Invasion

The Trump team marched into Michael Forbes farm with an army of heavy machinery and claimed some of his land. The new strategy for the Trump team is to intimidate the families living at Menie and this is sadly just one of many recent events.

The Trump Invasion from Tripping up Trump on Vimeo.

The Menie Dunes

One of the homeowners threatened with Compulsory Purchase shows us around the protected dunes and explains what she loves about them.

The Menie Dunes from Tripping up Trump on Vimeo.

Tripping Up Trump at the British Open

TUT visited one of the biggest golfing events on the sporting calendar to ask the golfers what they thought of Trump development in Aberdeenshire.

Still, both the Trump Organisation and the Aberdeenshire council refuse to back down publically from using Compulsory Purchase Orders for this private housing and golf development.

Tripping Up Trump at the British Open from Tripping up Trump on Vimeo.

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