Ugly New Tist In Trump Campaign To Force Residents From Their Homes


Donald Trump's campaign to drive residents on the Menie estate from their homes took a new turn this week.

On Tuesday (3 August) men and heavy machinery went onto Michael Forbes' farm and claimed an area of land as Mr Trump's. The Trump workers started taking all of the Forbes’ property off the land. The police accompanied the Trump team, but would not act in stop the event taking place, claiming their role was not to enter into civil disputes.

No warning had been given to Mr Forbes. This aggressive behaviour was carried out after personal assurances where given to Mr Forbes that his land would not be touched as the Trump organisation had previously made a mistake over land ownership.

The disputed land is a field plot that has been used for generations to cast nets and prepare for Salmon fishing. Michael Forbes has is extremely worried about what has happened and has deeds that state that this land belongs to him.

These latest aggressive and intimidating tactics from the Trump team follow a period of ten days when the Forbes' water supply was cut off.

Commenting, Tripping Up Trump spokesman Martin Glegg said: “The Trump invasion highlights the motives of a very aggressive man who is committed to intimidating local families until he gets what he wants - their homes and land.

"Mr Trump is not going to get this land. It belongs to other people - in the case of 'The Bunker', to lots of other people."

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