Baja Mexico

Artists impression of Trump's tower in Baja MexicoPeople had bought apartments in Trump Ocean Resort Baja off a plan; making deposits as much as one million dollars, for condos that cost between three hundred thousand and three million dollars. One hundred and eighty eight properties were sold for one hundred and twenty two million the first day they went on sale and over thirty two million was believed to have been taken in deposits.

The Baja project a combined hotel and apartment complex however collapsed, leaving a derelict site and left home buyers loosing large amounts of money. Unfortunately the Trump Organisation had freed themselves from any liability to return the deposits by spending all of this money (despite barely anything being built) and having inserted a clause to this effect within the contracts buyers had signed.

This project was heavily promoted by Trump family members with Ivanka Trump (Donald Trump’s daughter) saying, “I went out and saw this site, and I was blown away by it”, “From the minute I saw it, it was a deal I had to do”, and “Trump Ocean Resort Baja will be the best of the best, and consequently always in demand”. Sadly for the people who had lost their life savings Ivanka later became less vocal. The Trump Organisation have sought to deflect fault from themselves claiming the downfall of the Baja development was due to negligence by development partner Irongate and the failure of securing a construction loan from a German bank. Ivanka Trump had earlier stated in a newsletter to trusting buyers that all Trump projects were immune to a slowdown.

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