The March of Menie

Sat, 09/10/2010 - 12:00

On October the 9th, the day after Trump receives his honorary degree, TUT and the families of Menie invite you to march with them to The Bunker


The past few months the families of Menie have seen some serious levels of intimidation from the Trump Organisation, especially Michael Forbes and his family. But to rub salt into their wounds, Trump is being lauded as a hero and is to receive an honorary degree from Aberdeen's Rorbert Gordon's University.

Not only is he trying to compulsory purchase their homes and destroying the dunes but he is being given an award for doing so!

So to show our support for the families and that we will stand up to Trump's tactics of fear we're going to march on October the 9th and we need you! We need to send him homewards tae think again.

Come and March as Menie. Help stand up for the families lives he is ruining in the name of private profit.


From the Balmedie visitors centre to The Bunker - See map


12pm Saturday 9th of October

Bring, friends, family, flags and noise for what is going to be an excellent fun way to show Trump that we will stand up to him. At The Bunker there will games, bagpipes and we'll take a giant photo.

The exhibition

After the March we're holding an exhibition to showcase the unique and picturesque dunes at the The Whitehorse from 2-5pm. Refreshments and snacks will be available.

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