Artists impression of Trump's Bangalore towerIn 2007 the Trump organisation had planned to build within three of India’s cities, Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai, but at the moment of writing none of the projects have yet to get of the ground. This lack of progress has been blamed largely on the recession, although in one case (the Mumbai project) an Indian developer had walked away from a partnership with the Trump Organisation after feeling they “weren’t getting much” from it. Further attempts to secure development partnerships are also believed to have failed.

The first development was to build a Trump Tower (which Donald Trump often aspires to) in Bangalore. The apartments here would have cost about four hundred million rupees (rs40 crore), just over five million pounds in British money. Meanwhile investors have adopted a more cautious wait and see approach before committing to the Bangalore project which would have also included the building of a luxury hotel. In New Delhi no property developments have been realised.

Full Story: Live Mint

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