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French HillAn area called Indian Hill and French Hill of 436 acres that is mainly open but includes woods and wetland was to be developed by Trump as two golf courses, 45 miles north of Manhattan.

Mr Trump at first tried to build a golf course on French Hill which he failed to realise, blaming local politicians for their lack of support and threatened to sell the land to a developer who would build houses on it. Donald Trump singled out Linda Cooper the town supervisor, who he said “had done a terrible disservice” to constituents. However, it was revealed by Mrs Cooper that Donald Trump “wanted to be treated differently” and that Mr Trump had conveyed to her he was rich and would do a good job so the town should welcome him, and she went on to say “But our policy is to treat the little guy and the big guy the same”.

Mr Trump when trying to develop his golf course faced opposition from the Underhill Heights Association. One member Martin Lumish had this to say “It was a pretty tough battle” and “It took a lot of persistence, so my advice to other homeowners groups is ‘Never give up’. We thought the opponent had such deep pockets that we couldn’t possibly win. But if you’re right, you have to keep fighting”.

Mr Trump finally abandoned his development plans for the golf courses on French Hill and Indian Hill. Claiming that the development would have competed with his other golf club nearby in Briarcliff Manor (Westchester). Donald Trump will however receive very large tax benefits for donating the land to the state of New York and the land will be renamed Donald J Trump State Park.

Full Story: New York Times

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